Howard Law

Howard Law provides specialist Jersey legal advice in the following areas:

  • Setting up and operation of private investment funds domiciled in Jersey to act as bespoke investment vehicles for small numbers of sophisticated or professional investors or joint venture partners.
  • Advice on structured investment schemes and the regulatory regime in Jersey relating to the setting up and use of Jersey companies, unit trusts and limited partnerships.
  • Advice on Jersey partnership law and limited partnerships
  • Advice on charity law and philanthropy.
  • Advice on the regulatory regime in Jersey.
  • Advice on the regulation of digital assets.

Howard Law can also effect introductions for clients to Jersey based fiduciary and administration businesses who have need for such services to support their business interests or entities which they establish in Jersey.

Howard Law also advises on governance procedures, oversight and management control services in connection with Jersey based funds, limited partnerships and private wealth management structures.

More information on these subjects can be obtained by contacting Howard Law using the contact details set out in this website.